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The client produced a Sandal shoe product; it was a new idea, affordable, high-quality, and walking with attitude From heel to toes, let our groovy, comfy sandals cradle your feet with their Continuous ergonomic support, but get you ready to become hooked subsequently.


Branding, Slogan, Identity kit, product photography  and Advertising
creative team express urban toes: characteristics ascribed; concentration of population, a particular type of densely built-up
environment, specific lifestyles dedicated to certain people, a specific cultural context, the typeface in natural, environmental, friendly, fun, enjoyable, commutable, flexible, Stylish and the colour pallet express: foliage greens so plentiful surrounding world, the human eye sees more green than other colours. As a result, there are many moods that green can convey, and it is a new “beginning. “ The brown colour is most identified with earth,  grounded, steady, reliable, rooted, warm durable, supportive.

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