Marketing Strategy & Plan

To gain good performance in marketing ,we need to have a comprehensive analysis of the internal and external environment and the market. Based on this analysis we provide solutions and action plan to achieve company marketing goals.

Marketing Consultant

In addition to developing a marketing plan, our team can be by your side to help you implement it. We provide the best solutions for the various issues that arise for your business.

Business Plan

ّIf you want to start a new business, we offer you a comprehensive business plan which consist from profitability forecasting, investment risk to marketing operation plan. Items which should be considered in business plan can change according to the needs of the business and your information needs. We inform you the list of items before starting to develop a business plan.

Marketing and sales organizational structure development

Having an efficient and professional marketing and sales organization can have a huge impact on a company’s profitability. By developing organizational processes, job descriptions, responsibilities, organizational charts, and guidelines, we build the foundations of an efficient organization. Then we will be with you to hire, empower and evaluate employee performance.

Marketing materials development

Companies need marketing materials to introduce the company’s products and services. Catalogs, website, stand, brochures, and etc. All marketing tools can have significant impact on your customers’ first impression, and can make your company an obvious choice. We develop marketing materials by studying their impact, and considering the brand’s communications framework as well as the brand’s guideline.

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