Products Branding

The client was a farmer and family business; he was producing a traditional dairy product with no name brand, he was going to expand the business by opening the retailer to sell the products directly to consumers. We start with the brand workshop to understand the company and challenge their mind, which helps them to know there is a better opportunity out there and what is branding prosses bypassing that we are going all in the same path to develop the brand. after the workshop, they realize they can produce more items with one brand name, how does it work, and so on.


The research, analysis, and studies acknowledge that there are better and excellent opportunities in the organic product, and with the brand sanitary and marketing strategy, they can gain outstanding market share, and we can position them very well; we create a name as Mr. Natural. The brand story was about being a framer; he is an old, well-experienced man, self-confident, happy, and trusted in town. The creative team combined the character and the logo with the excellent image positioning.
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