Why is Brand Hot

a brand is not what the company says it is. It’s what individuals say it is.

When we are talking about a brand, we are not talking about a product or service. Marketing often talks about supervise their products, service or sales, distribution, and qualities. To operate a brand is to order something much non-tangible-an aspect, an unseen layer of meaning surrounding the product.

A brand is a human’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.

Why gut feeling? Because we are all emotional, intuitive beings, regardless of our best efforts to be logical. It’s a person’s gut feeling because, in the end, the Brand is defined by individuals, not by companies, markets, or community. Each person creates his or her perspective on it. While companies can’t control this process, they can influence it by communicating the qualities that differentiate this product.

Emotional Brand

When good enough individuals get at the same gut feeling, a company can have a brand. In order words, a brand is not what the company says it is. It’s what individuals say it is.

Why is Brand suddenly hot?

Because our society has moved from an economy of mass production to an economy of mass customization, our purchasing choices have multiplied.

We’ve become information-rich and time-poor. As a result, our old method of judging products-by comparing features and benefits-no longer works. The situation is exacerbated by competitors who copy each others’ features as soon as they’re introduced and by advances in manufacturing that make quality issues moot.

Today we base our choices more on symbolic attributes. What does our product look like? Where is it being sold? What kind of people buy it?

What does the cost say about desirability? What are other people saying about it? And finally. Who makes it? Because if I can trust the maker, I can buy it now and worry about it later. I feel the degree of trust towards the product will determine whether I’ll buy this product or that product rather than assessing these features and benefits.

A brand is not a corporate identity system. that was for the 20th-century. Build for controlling the use of trademarks and elements of company publication, advertisement, signages, etc., sixty years ago lithography was the communication technology du jour; identity manuals were designed to dictate the size, colours, spacing, architecture. That call brand guideline or identity manuals the visual consistency, but consistency alone does not mean creat a brand.

The logo is a Greek word, a logo, symbol, or other graphics, is a trademark, such as Apple or Google.

Undoubtedly represent a considerable investment in time, energy, money, and study. They’re mostly a side effect of caring more about sales, service, quality, marketing, and myriad other things that occupy a business. For most of us, Brand happens when doing something else.

The branding agency should align the strategy with design. In this particular position, we bridge the gap between the company and consumers. The branding agency should wisely study every element of strategy and design that can emotionally touch consumers’ hearts, so at this point, we can say we create a brand.

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