Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design

Engage Viewers to Convey Quality Provoke Action.
It is a symbol, a combination of Forms, Shapes, Colours, Trade Dress, Mascots, Speakers, Sounds, Aroma. Graphics devices, logos, logotypes, crests, monograms, flags. Trade dress; package graphics, package form, product form, uniforms, a form of buildings, a form of vehicles. Speakers people; celebrity endorsers, founders/managers, invented characters. Mascots; words, abbreviations, slogans, jingles, tag lines. Sounds; anthems, auditory icons, theme music. Brand Identity design does not directly represent brands; instead, it calls to mind the name of a brand, which calls to mind an associated perception.

How we create a proper Brand Identity?

The right brand identity must convey two sides, internal, and external.

Internal of Brand identity

Personality or character of the brand, culture and values, self-image


Personality or character that is the attributes of the brand experienced by consumers, so it has to be related to the target audience, a functional bard increase brand equity that it has the consistency to transfer to enjoyment right on the target audience.


Culture is the reason the brand stand for it, and it is company nature, for sure it is consistent, and differentiate your company with competitors.


Consumers or the target audience see themselves in the brand. They are buying or paying the gut feeling the see in that brand.

External of Brand identity

Physique, relationship and consumer reflections.


The Physique is the colour scheme, shape and logo, etc.
Whatever the consumer is seeing from the brand and remind them of the brand.


Relationship of how the target audience communicates with a brand and connected and feel it.

Consumer reflection

the financial owners of the brand want to see and feel the way they want by the emotional owners or target audience, understanding the gap between company and consumer.
There is the two-point of brand identity image; the sender, and the receiver, Internal is the sender, and external is the receiver.

brand identity makes it easy for marketing because of brand positioning, consumer behaviour, values, etc.

advertising advantage of brand identity

brand identity saves your advertising budget. You have all the information about the consumer or target audience and what kind of content attracts and motivates them. Finally, you know where, when, and how many times should run the advertising campaign.

The Absolute creative team is highly expert in building a brand identity. That helps to grow business and brand equity. Branding is all about profitability, and brand equity is the most significant investment. Branding is a path of touching the consumer’s hearts.

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