Shopping Mall Branding architectur branding design

Building architecture design with the brand strategy

A group of investors bought land with 50,000 Sqf; they were planning to build a building on twelve floors and run the best business as possible. They ask us to do a feasibility study and marketing plan after studies we came up with making an Auto Mall and named to Cars Town.


Brand strategy, marketing strategy, brand identity, building architecture design with the brand strategy. Built-in three levels, each level had a different approach level auto brands. All the needs of buyers and sellers of cars have been lash-up, such as a bank, insurance companies, car wash, restaurant, good enough parking space, and so on. We make it easy for customers to do the actions to buy or sell a car and excellent experience of the brand values in all customer touchpoints from the time they are getting in and out of the mall. In the end, we need consumer reflection into the place, building great relationships, and memorable with the environment. This kind of market is so competitive, on the other hand, very profitable. Architecture with the brand strategy is not just a magnificent design building; we were positioning the architecture by functionality, great design, and profitability.

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