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How to choose a good Vancouver Branding Agency – A Complete Guide


Today, many small and big businesses that work in different fields have considered branding seriously when starting their business in the world of economy. In fact, if you go and ask the owners of these successful businesses in Canada about which steps have been taken to build a strong brand, they will probably tell you a long list of the different steps they have taken. Many of them will also tell you that they have cooperated with a Vancouver branding agency.

Vancouver Branding AgencyIf you also own a business based in Vancouver or you want to work with a number of reputable agencies in the city, it is best to know the features of a reputable branding agency. We intend to review the features that determine the validity and quality of a branding agency. So, join us to learn new things about it.

Branding agencies and Branding

There are many definitions about the brand. However, since overlaps with marketing in some cases, let us refer to the definition of one of the most reputable companies in the field.The American Marketing Association has stated that a A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers, or used to distinguish between a good and a service and others’s goods or services.


This is a very comprehensive definition that applies to a variety of areas. In fact, the brand has role of corporate identity that is going to remain in people’s minds and represent a brand’s identity. If branding process goes wrong, a company cannot simply erase the negative mindset about the brand from the public´s mind. That is why using a branding in a proper way is so important and that is why many companies in Vancouver are trying to find agencies that do not commit the slightest mistake. Making mistakes in branding is very dangerous.

In fact, branding is not a choice. It is necessity for all brands but it is a necessity that has many benefits. These are some of the benefits that branding will have for your company:

  • Branding helps you sell the product in a higher price and creating more profits
  • It helps create added value for the organization
  • It also creates a loyal customer base and creates a sense of connection between the customer and the brands

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Features of a reputable Vancouver branding agency


There are many branding agencies in Vancouver that provide a variety of branding services. The question that may arise for many businesses is which branding agency is reputable? These are just one of the questions these people ask themselves before choosing a reputable agency. Other questions, such as the following, may comes in the minds of any business owner:

  • Which type of services a Vancouver branding agency offers?
  • Who were the previous client of these agencies?
  • Which projects did these agencies carry out?
  • Which projects are they currently leading?
  • How much do they know about our business?
  • What are the tools and resources they use to determine branding?
  • Do they also analyze competitors for us?
  • Can they making markets to us?
  • Can a Vancouver branding agency choose a proper name for our business?

We will answer these questions in another way so that you can have a clear understanding of the criteria that can carry out for you.

Being Familiar with the field you work in

One of the main questions you need to ask when choosing a Vancouver branding agency is that how much they are familiar with your business. At the meetings, if you ask these questions, agencies will usually provide you examples of their past work orally or in a written form. You should check these examples carefully. Many of these examples may seem attractive at first glance but when you overview them carefully you see that they really have fundamental weaknesses.

Another issue is that the examples given to you are not useful for your brand at all. You need to know how much they know about the biggest and smallest brands in your field is and how they evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your field of business. Smarter business owners try to ask the wrong questions from the relevant expert at the Vancouver Branding Agency meetings to find out if the person can identify a wrong question in a particular area of work.

Levels of creativity

Branding is a thing that is related to creativity. Almost no successful brand in the world can be found without using creativity. Creativity is a necessary thing for branding. Now if you go to one of the agencies and find that they don not have the creativity to work with, it would be wrong to work with them. Choosing an agency that has fresh and creative ideas will make your ideas well implemented and that way you can use thinking power of the two companies instead of one.

Even as a business manager you can test their creativity of branding agency in meetings with agency´s experts. For example, you can ask small questions to see if they can provide a creative answer to these questions. Looking at the past results of these agencies´s activity is another thing you can use to determine the level of their creativity. Before you start working with them, clearly state that you are looking for a creative brand. When the branding agency is clearly aware of this, they will focus more on this and you have enhanced your chance for market success. Although creativity is not everything you need and you require something else to succeed in your branding career, but if you use it, it won’t really make you fail.

Past results

Another thing to consider when choosing a branding agency in Vancouver is their past practical results. You should ask them about the criteria that are important in branding for them. You should also ask questions about how they perform the analysis other brands. In addition, you can ask them to provide reports that have been registered from previous branding. Ask them explain a practical example of their previous works.

If they refuse to answer this question, you probably know that you should not cooperate with the agency. Agencies that do not intend to provide documentation of their past results because of privacy results are not really credible agencies. Privacy is important, but agencies have the right to provide you some general information about their prior activities. Looking at the previous results creates a mutual feeling of trust.

The way they work

Branding seems almost out of the box almost without implementing a process. Almost all agencies in the world and every Vancouver branding agency need to provide strategies and processes for their work so that you can trust them. The process should be usually creative enough and should take as little time and cost as possible.

Range of activity

Another thing to consider when choosing a Vancouver branding agency is to know what range of services it offers. As we said, branding is one of the processes that has many subsets. For this reason, some agencies may not be able to do all the branding activities.

Brand ItemsFor example, a branding agency may not offer you a competitor analysis service. This may seem simple matter at first, but you should know competitor analysis service is one of the most important branding agency´s services, and it is your business’s right to consider this during your business process. Overall, it makes you later find out that you have different perceptions of this collaboration. It is better that you speak with a Vancouver branding agency´s experts in in a transparent manner and ask what services they are going to provide.

Many agencies claim to provide all kinds of services and they may claim their range of services is infinite. Do not take such unrealistic claims seriously and consider this a sign for Agency’s lack of market knowledge. An agency’s claims about its capabilities must be commensurate with the amount of resources, budgets, and staff. It is up to you to properly identify this issue. When a branding agency claims it can make your business the biggest and strongest brand in Canada, You have to see does it really have enough experts and resources and knowledge for it? Being realistic works a lot.

Branding Agency location

It is true that we live in the 21st century today, and availability has been easy, but you need to know where the agency is. When you find a Vancouver branding agency, you need to visit the agency and meet their staffs a lot, and here geographical proximity is an important issue.

Apart from this, the place where the Agency is located is somehow an indicative of its identity. A large, reputable agency that claims they can make your brand one of the strongest brands in the world, is located in one of Vancouver’s prestigious and expensive districts and will probably be easy to access.

Ways to get in touch with the branding agency is also important, and certainly is not less important than geographic location. The agency may use communications technologies that you may not be able to use. Or, for example, it may use traditional ways to communicate that make it difficult for your company to do so. Paying attention should be important, and the proportion of your access to Vancouver Agency Branding channels will allow you to work well together. In the meetings you have with their delegations, ask them directly how they are delivering the results of each branding step.

Relation between Budget and strategies

One of the most important issues to keep in mind is whether the solutions offered by the Vancouver Branding Agency are in line with your budget. This is one of the most dangerous mistakes you can make. As the cost of implementing brand building solutions is yours, and the Agency will probably not accept any responsibility in the future, ask questions about the cost of their solutions in meetings with relevant agencies´s delegations. Some agencies also assume that you know the value of many of their services and have met with full awareness.It helps to avoid further problems in the future.

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Last Words about choosing a Vancouver Branding agency

We took a look at the branding and found out that branding agencies can be the right choice for you in the field of branding. We also saw how a Vancouver branding agency could evaluate and we also talked about its features and characteristics needed to doing a proper branding process. The fact is that branding is difficult and cannot be done well by any agency, but agencies always overestimate themselves. If you trust one of these agencies and do not fulfill the desired results, your business will face deep problems

For this reason, it is important to choose a reputable branding agency and to avoid wasting billions of dollars. You must first evaluate the agency before selecting and cooperating. The things we said in the article are just some of the strategies you can use to choose a good agency. If you have your own creative ideas or have other tips for determining the quality of a branding agency’s activity, you can use them.

At first glance, the glamour which agencies provide about themselves can blind you, but you should not be cheated by the glamor because they are the master in creating this atmosphere. You just have to focus on the quality of the work you are going to do with them and try not to overwhelm by feelings throughout the sessions.Choosing a branding agency will be a kind of golden key for success and if you collaborate well with a good agency, you can be sure about having a strong brand.

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