Dotin: Enterprise software banking solutions



they ‘ve been young generation and experts; they were developing enterprise banking solutions products to sell at a high price, on the other hand, they were looking for to more senior professional employees to expand the business and deliver high-end products and services.



A new identity, naming, rebranding, brand architecture, brand strategy, identity design, advertising, and interior and exterior design with brand strategy, implementing the brand values through internal branding with the human resource by training employees to boost the most efficient as possible. The most challenging and achievement part was the interior design with brand strategy, which is beneficial for employees and management that cover most of their needs and comfort to deliver the best job as much as possible. We bring the garden inside the building, which was minimal design; the plant was consistent with Dotin’s character; on the other hand, employees are working in the garden. On the other hand, the entire building should be compatible with all aspects of the brand experienced by the first customer who is employees and the second customer who buys products and services.

interior commercial design