Brand slogan and Message


The brand slogan one of the core items you should have in the company. That helps your employees who are the first customer to get more connected to the core value and goal of the company,
and the second consumer is the target audience hears that reminds the brand. That is the best way to create a brand slogan, and Message is the extraction from the brand essence. The core value of the brand, band slogan some times comes with the logo of the company or separately. When we gather up all the information, we start to create the slogan.
There is a big difference between Brand message and tagline; Tag line used for an advertising campaign, dependence on the goals and achievement that planing to motivate the customers to consider a purchase, visiting a point of sale, purchasing a product or service for direct experiencing the brand.
In the end, the tagline is temporary. A slogan is always with the company. The Message is expressing the brand unless the core values are changed.