How you can create a brand name that could be remembered well?

Brand Name Importance

Increasing brand awareness is considered to be one of the publicity functions; and, there are lots of methods used by companies (frequent repetition of brand name in advertisements, repetitive advertisements in various media, and taking advantage of celebrities for brand promotion) so that this goal would be satisfied. Moreover, brand awareness would be evaluated through brand memorability by customers, most of the times.


Memorability, One of the Most Important Features of a Good Brand Name

Executive and strategic components of publicity play an effective role in brand name memorability; however, psychological theories and researches show that brand name features also could be effective on its memorability.

Creating an appropriate brand name may seem a very simple or challenging work to do. Numerous items play role in selection of an appropriate name. Here, discussion would be made about the main function of a brand name i.e. memorability; and, the point to be discussed briefly is that, how to choose a brand name to be well-remembered.

Being Short

In many studies related to learning sciences, it has become clear that short words in terms of numbers of syllables and letters used in them are highly effective on their level of memorability. The shorter the words, the better they would be remembered. Moreover, shorter words would be read easier, most of the times. When a word is read easier, it would be read more quickly and this causes that word to last more in the memory. For more information, please refer to:

Those brands with shorter names would be remembered by most of people; so, for most of FMCG brands, short and simple names are chosen. Most of the times in FMCG market, P & G Company brands are chosen based on short names with one or two syllables such as:

Tide, Downy, Bounty, and Luvs

To observe more, please refer to:

Being Meaningful

According to researches performed, “being meaningful” is an important factor in keeping the word in mind; however, being meaningful by itself is a combination of various characteristics ascribed to a word.

Using Visual Memory

As shown by researches, visual memory is much better than verbal memory. So, such names that present a specific category in physical or visual forms would be remembered more. Many examples could be referred to in this respect such as Arrow Pest Control with arrow and insect used in its logo so that the name and also the logo as an image would be expression of one single thing and the brand would be remembered better. Also, one of the most powerful global brand names “APPLE” is represented through a physical concept.

Avoiding All-Purpose Words and Making Brand Differentiation

One of the other items having effect on memorability of a brand name is their repetition and application frequency. As shown by Meyers-Levy (1989), those brand names with highly repetitive words in daily life would last for lower period of time, in the memory.

One of the examples would be the word united in United Airlines. In such cases, lower level of differentiation would be made, by memory. So, a brand name would be remembered easier if the brand name would be consisted of those words with lower level of repetition for addressee. Moreover, it has been shown that a more distinctive name would be remembered, better.


The more a brand name would be close to the function of a product or service, the better it would be remembered. Maybe a better relationship means using all-purpose words; however, those words could be remembered less, from other perspectives.


To better understand the aforementioned and to make conclusion, Ivory could be a perfect example of brand name for shampoo. The word with low repetition level provides a physical category, which can make it a desirable brand name to be remembered. Also, with three syllables and 5 letters, it is considered as a short word. According to the above indices, it could be considered as a desirable name to be remembered among this group of products.

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