How to bridge the gap between your customers and your company?

Before we go into how you can eliminate the gap between your customers and your company, it is essential to define and understand two essentials concepts:

Target Audience

Most businesses start marketing their products/services before defining and understanding their target audience. Who will buy the product or service? That is is a common mistake amongst many small businesses. Your target audience is the individuals, groups, communities and bodies of decision-makers who can influence your target. Your target audience is the individual or individuals who have direct decision-making power over the issue your organization is working to address.

Most organizations, when asked, “who is your audience? They reply, “the general public.” Indeed, when you watch a group’s media coverage on the 11 o’clock news, it appears that the group is talking to the whole world, the public. But the entire world isn’t watching the 11 o’clock news. Those with college degrees and adults over the age of 55 watch the story more than anyone else. So, any organization that aims to get their event covered on the 11 o’clock news is most likely to reach college-educated and senior adults as their demographic. No organization can attract everyone and satisfy everybody. To be successful in your marketing and business growth, you need to be specific about your target audience.

Understanding your target audience; values, culture, lifestyle, demographics social is so important. that helps companies to be focused on them and monitor activities and needs that cause production line to produce the right product or services in the right path, so that helps to save money in production, marketing, advertising, and get to the easy sale, cash flows and ROI return of investments.

To achieve all these above, you need to understand your company. Such as product or service, positioning, message, target and image, that means what exactly you are giving out to the target audience, what makes you different, what is your message to them, and achievement, and what image you what pictured on in graved on their mind from your brand.

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