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What is ‌‌Brand identity? How can you create a brand with strong identity?


If you look at the biggest companies in the world, you will find that they have branding departments. Some of these companies hire branding expert, while others hire branding agency. This shows that branding is very important in the world of economics. When all successful brands have employed a lot of people to do the branding, it is probably one of the prerequisites for being successful.

If you also have a business and you haven’t even thought about branding, it is best that you stay with us until the end because we are going to take a look at one of the best creating brand solution, the way to use the knowledge and expertise of branding agencies. These agencies can help branding your business at various stages.

What is brand?

Have you ever gone to a store to compare the two goods? If the the two goods are the same price, and you’ve heard the name of one of them before, what product would you choose? Probably no one in these two ways will choose a product that has not heared before. That’s the magic of the brand.

A brand is a name, mark, condition, symbol, design, or combination of all of these that represents the manufacturer or seller of a product or service. When you think of the name of one of the big companies and the credibility, logo and other features come to your mind, the company has actually built and implemented its own brand. One of those companies we all know is Apple.

Many successful companies have created branding by working with a branding agency to consolidate their footprint in the marketplace. Having a strong brand will help the company to differentiate itself in the market and be able to satisfy the unique needs of its customers. In fact it can be said that having a brand is not a choice but a necessity. Large and small companies are forced to do so in order to survive in the big market economy and thousands of competitors not to go bankrupt.

After all, having a branding is hard work. The reason is that having a brand is about a lot of different issues and a lot of activities have to be done. It is best to do this with a branding agency.

The Benefits of Branding

We said that branding is useful and has many benefits. Many people may not be aware of the benefits of this. Below are some of these benefits.

  • Branding in the business increases customer loyalty
  • Branding contributes to the success of business marketing and sales processes
  • The brand will double the credibility of the company
  • Proper branding will generate more wealth and revenue.
  • Involves the customer in an intuitive way

Many of these benefits can be achieved by branding a branding agency. Now we will continue with the services provided by branding agencies.

What is a branding agency?

A branding agency is an organization that creates branding for different brands. Branding agencies can actually, as a partner organization, compensate for the shortage of specialist branding forces and solve many of the problems that companies have with branding.

Collaboration with branding agencies has many advantages, three of which are outlined below.

  • Agencies are more specialized than the recruitment force
  • Branding agencies lower your costs than hiring full time
  • Agencies reduce the time needed to build a strong brand because of their capabilities

As we said, branding is a set of activities that relate to different areas. Some of these activities require a great deal of creativity and some of them are analytical as well. It should also be noted that branding is not a process that a particular part of a business is capable of doing, rather than individual business components. Work should play a role in the branding process, and the cooperation of these sectors is very important because it has to look at the organization’s brand such as the prestige and personality of the organization in the market. Here are some of the most important activities these agencies are doing:

Evaluate a branding agency

The first activity that is likely to be implemented by all branding agencies is evaluation. This activity is the starting point for branding your business. A business that fails to evaluate itself and its brand status will probably never be able to take the lead in the brand. Getting know to your brand and evaluating your brand by the agency will help identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as determine your position in the competition market. Once this position is determined, the Agency’s hand is open to you for the next service.

You may go to a branding agency and ask them to do your brand assessment, and then not continue collaborating. It depends on what you think, but the problem is that the evaluation itself is an independent step that needs to be taken. Even if you do not intend to drive the branding process, it is very useful to know and evaluate the current state of your business.

Customer research

Another of the agencies’ activities is customer research. Without a customer’s knowledge, no brand will be able to produce a product or service that will appeal to customers. If you go to a reputable branding agency, probably one of the first questions you will ask is how much do you understand your customers?

Since many dissatisfied customers in a business, without their objections, attempt to stop their loyalty to their respective businesses, it is difficult to know the weaknesses that can disrupt this collaboration. There are many business owners who continue to work regardless of this issue, and the rising flood of customer disconnections with them eventually puts them at great financial risk and the closure in a short time is the first accident that will happen.

Many creative company owner that hire good branding teams try to get customer feedback. While some customers may find this to be wrong at first glance and not answer the questions of the company concerned, the fact is that many loyal customers in any business may have been interested in buying a product from a company one day, and If they are resolved, they will continue to cooperate.

A reputable branding agency always has strategies in place to implement them for customers so that the business in question can identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Take a look at the blind market spots

Many companies operating in a particular market are not aware of many of their business blind spots. The reason for this is that they look at the world of economics from their perspective, so they do not see much of what is to come in the future and do not know how to deal with it.

Branding agencies that have worked with several companies, businesses, and organizations are well aware of the blind spots and critical issues of each market. Also, since they have a broader view of the market, they also see areas where they can be used for greater profitability. Many of these opportunities have the potential to capture a large portion of the market, and many who are interested in rapid growth can take advantage of these opportunities. Perhaps one of these opportunities could transform your business as a whole.

Research on competitors

Another service that every agency offers is information about competing companies. Business is a type of competition and therefore competitors should pay particular attention. Competitor analysis enables you to implement different strategies in the market and to capture a large part of the market well. Since a branding agency has worked with a large number of different companies in different fields, it has a complete aristocracy in the way competitors operate.

Competitor analysis is a time consuming process and you should wait if you come to an agency and ask them to analyze competitors for you. The more traditional or broader your marketplace is, the more time it takes to analyze it. Once the agency has analyzed the competitors privately, it will provide you with relevant information.

You can use this information to implement different strategies in the market. Once you understand how competitors are attracting customers, you can come up with a bit of creativity to offer better and more complete ways to capture the market.

Brand identity design

Another activity of any branding agency is designing your own brand. This design will include many parts. For example, the most basic thing that is tied to your brand and should be your brand’s provider for many years to come. Branding agencies can help you achieve a strong brand by providing specific names.

Another part of brand design is color selection. Color falls into the visual identity design section. When you choose a color for your brand and reflect that area of ​​your business, organizational culture or other issues, you will undoubtedly feel the impact immediately. If you refer to the specialists of a branding agency, they will probably tell you that the color you are looking for will both have a positive impact on the unconscious of your business employees as well as attract customers.

Color is meaningful. This is why many businesses that work in one area usually use a particular color. For example, they refer to blue as a color that instills confidence in the other party, which is why many banks have used this color in their brand logo.

Design of physical components

Designing well-designed physical components can also be one of the activities that will strengthen your brand. You’ve probably seen in some large organizations that all employees wear one-on-one office supplies with the company logo on it or many headers, belts and elements. Other physical elements in your organization are associated with a logo with a specific font. Such organizations have done well and have succeeded in designing their physical components.



A good branding agency can easily do this for you and design several types of physical components for you. Even if you are unaware of the list of components that are important to your brand, these agencies can provide this information to you.

Final word about Branding agency

Here’s a look at some features a branding agency can do well. It may not be an exaggeration to say that building a brand is difficult and many startups, companies and organizations fail to do so. However, one of the worst things you can do is to ignoring create brand design. This will greatly damage your business, and a brand that is produced with the wrong process and registered in the public mind with a series of negative traits will no longer be able to continue.

In such circumstances, you may have to shut down your business in general and set up your own brand under another name which is very costly and difficult. So, to prevent this from happening, it is best to ignore branding design without the knowledge of a branding agency instead. As we said, working with these centers makes it possible for you to use both their expertise and cost savings. You also have to spend a lot of time on this issue. Brand is one of the most important elements in any business and if you want to achieve success in market you should consider it seriously and work on it.

There are many agencies you can go to and see first hand what the quality of the agency’s work is. Choosing a reputable branding agency will be your chance and platform to be successful.

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