Integral Dental Lab

absolutecreative went above their promises in all areas from our initial meetings, logo designs, website, stationeries, marketing materials, deliveries

& continual updates.

They are a very professional company to deal with & we have had many people in & out of our industry comment positively on our new branding.

They say it looks clean, very upscale right from the colors to the actual designs & layouts.

If your company is seeking an opportunity to stand out & grow in today’s markets & is picky with the finest of details & looks for perfection then we

at Integral Dental Lab would highly recommend absolutecreative's services without hesitation.





Contech Construction Ltd.

As our particular business sector had been shifting we were searching for a firm to set up a webpage for our company. By good fortune I happened

to connect with absolutecreative. During the first meeting with Persia Mohebtash, absolutes’ project director, she impressed on us the concept of

branding and importance of getting the brand to “fit” who we are. Fortunately for us our business is well established so basically we were really

looking at a facelift which was a very appealing concept to further solidify our place in the market.

After we agreed to work with absolute I can clearly say that the whole process made a significant fundamental difference to how we view ourselves

and what we do. This is a concept that I feel Persia has an excellent understanding of and something she said we would truly discover going

through the process. It’s kind of like a company soul search with terrific results!

Everything that we were told would get we got. From the initial market review, to the style and tone of our presentation, to the final weaving of all

the constituent parts into our webpage - everything has come together to express “us” as our own particular brand. As Persia has pointed out, when

you get your brand to truly express your business it is a very powerful tool to further what you do. That I believe is real branding and what

absolutecreative has done for us. They have truly delivered and I am always happy to tell colleagues and friends what they have done for us.




Real Estate Specialist

Remax Westcoast

Just a quick note to say how delighted I am with the absolutecreative. The quality is the best to date, as was the price. I have been selling Real

Estate for 19 years and I have to say that after meeting your team, you have definitely taken my branding and my business to the next level. You

made it painless and worthwhile. I can't thank you enough and please use me as a reference to any of your prospective customers.





Phoenix Benefits Solutions Inc.

We would like to thank the team at absolutecreative for your outstanding service. You have been instrumental in providing us with effective

marketing support and materials in a timely manner. Your hard work, creativity and friendly personalities made the whole experience very enjoyable

for us.

We would not hesitate to recommend your company to any level of business.





Safety Engineering Ltd.

The creative design in a web site is very important to clients. My new web site is now very successful thanks to the innovative design of your firm. I

would highly recommend your firm to anyone who wants to be successful on the internet.





absolutecreative Design came to my rescue when I needed a unique website.

I had won a Canadian magazine award and I had to send to the magazine company a dynamic and professional overview of my photographic art. My

individual style and ideas were incorporated into the design of my site.

I was amazed with the professional service I received along with the prompt creation and very effective layout of my website. My file has required

many updates and staff is always very obliging in following through with the requested information. absolutecreative Design not only delivers with

excellence but provides artistic originality with a flair for creativity!




Managing Broker

Angell Hasman & Associates Realty Ltd.

I was completely satisfied with the outcome in using absolutecreative Design to create our webpage. Their attention to our needs were paramount

to them and their after sales service is “First Rate”.